Our dough balls have ingredients that include wheat and barley based products which means they will contain gluten. Our dairy cheese products contain milk which means they will contain lactose. Our meat based products contain pork. Our Cocoa calzone product uses soy.

All of our products are freshly prepared in our kitchen where there may be traces of nuts and other allergens. We do not have dedicated preparation areas and there may be a risk of cross contamination.

If you have any specific questions about any of our products and the ingredients they contain, please drop us a line on social media or through the contact form.

VG = suitable for vegetarians.
= suitable for vegans.


Pizza base


A simple blend of ingredients; ’00’ Wheat Flour, salt, yeast & water and a touch of malted barley. Which is then left to prove for 48 hours allowing it to develop a deep, rich flavour and robust crust that has been specifically developed to give a rise and “leopard spot” browning from a normal home oven, yet normally expected in wood-fired restaurant ovens.

Meal ingredients

Classic Margherita (v)

GBOF pizza base, San Marzano tomato sauce, Fior di Latte mozzarella

Vegan Margherita (v,v)

GBOF pizza base, San Marzano Tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, Basil.