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Christmas Dinner Pizza

Christmas Dinner Pizza

Serves 2. Cooked in a kitchen oven.

Over the year we often try out new recipes. Some good, some less so. Often the toppings are saved by the delicious taste of our base and crust. Then once every now and again something comes off the peel that genuinely surprises us.

We thought we’d give the Christmas roast a pizza go, we weren’t sure how it would come out but we knew it would look good for the photos over the festive period. Sure enough it looks photogenic, with all those balls of turkey, sausage and stuffing given a colourful twist from the cheese, tomato and Brussels sprouts.. Yes, we even included those!

How did it taste? Well these are the actual words of our main recipe creators 8 year old son “That was the most creative and delicious pizza yet, dad, can we have it again?

Just to put this into context, it included every morsel of sprout gobbled up!

We had a slight variation on pigs in blankets, resting our pigs instead on blankets of our delicious Prosciutto. Worked perfectly. 

It was cold outside when we cooked so we opted for the kitchen oven. 

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  • 1 Great Balls of Flour sourdough pizza ball
  • Flour and semolina mix
  • 65g Great Balls of Flour Pizza Tomato Sauce
  • 70g Fior Di Latte Julienne cut
  • 40g Prosciutto Crudo
  • 1 thick sausage (try this sausage)  cut into 5 slices
  • 100g Turkey mince
  • 100g part cooked ready mixed stuffing
  • 3 Brussel sprouts, quartered
  • Cranberry sauce



Ensure you have prepared your Great Balls of Flour pizza dough ball so it is rested and has got up to temperature. This will make it really easy to press and stretch your dough ball into the pizza base. 

Fire up your pizza oven, or home oven to it’s maximum setting (250ºC), waiting until your stone or steel has had sufficient time to get to temperature. Remove your Great Balls of Flour Pizza Tomato Sauce from your fridge and allow to warm for 45 minutes before building your pizza.  

Sprinkle your work surface with flour and semolina mix and roll your dough ball lightly covering it all over to ensure it doesn’t stick to the surface. Spread and stretch like in this video 

Sprinkle your pizza peel or parchment paper with flour and semolina mix. Transfer to your pizza peel, or parchment paper if cooking in a home oven.  Remember to shuffle the pizza base a couple of times throughout the building process to ensure your base doesn’t stick to the peel/parchment paper.  


Cooking guide

Prepare your turkey mince by making 5 balls, you may need to squeeze and liquid out of them as you make the balls, set them to once side. Prepare your stuffing as per the packet instructions, let it cool. Once cooled make 5 x 20g balls. Now proceed to making your pizza. Spread your tomato sauce, work quickly now to top the rest of the pizza so as to ensure your base doesn’t get soggy. Add your cheese as a layer over the sauce, arrange your the turkey and stuffing, leaving space between to add your a layer of Prosciutto adding a slice of sausage on to this. Finally add your Brussel sprouts. Transfer carefully to your oven. 

Cook as per the guide for your preferred pizza cooking method. Remember to rotate frequently if using an Ooni or similar style of oven or rotate after 3 minutes if using a home oven, which is show in the image above. Check our how to video tutorials for help and guides on getting the best from cooking in your oven. 

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