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Who delivers the order to me

We use DPD to deliver our pizza kits. on the day before your delivery, you will receive an email with the tracking information and also details of how to update delivery notes. On the day of delivery you will receive another email, or a text message if you left your mobile number in the order, informing you of the one hour delivery slot.

What's your delivery charge

Nothing. It’s included in your pizza kit. There are absolutely no shocks when you get to the checkout.

What is the minimum order value

£20, which includes your delivery.

Tell me about the points

For those of us who are old enough, we will remember the tv show phrase “points make prizes”. In this instance points make pizza! 

Quite simply put, you earn 10 points for every £1 you spend on pizza kits with us. You can then redeem these against your next order. 

100 points are worth £1, so given our minimum order is £20 you will earn at least £2 off your next order. 

You do need to create an account in order for your points to be stored and to be able to redeem them on your next order. 

We are looking at ways of expanding points so you earn points for leaving reviews, sharing us with your friends and so on. 

How do I freeze my dough

Your dough and tomato can be kept frozen for 1 month. Freeze the items in the pots they are delivered in. to ensure the dough is in its best condition to cook just follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the dough the day before you plan to bake and place it in the fridge in its pot.
  2. The next morning, remove the dough from the fridge and place it in a warm spot, around 19 – 21ºc is ideal. Leave it in its container
  3. It will grow in size through the day as it relaxes and warms up.
  4. Follow the steps in our guide or on one of the videos to remove the dough from its pot and to press it out.
Will this really taste good in a home oven?

Every single photo of every single pizza you see on our site was baked in a home oven with a max temperature of 250ºC. We do not want to show false images. Not only do they look good, but they also taste amazing. A lot of this is down to how we developed the base. 

What about an Ooni or Roccbox pizza oven?

Absolutely. Our dough has been developed for both a conventional home oven and outdoor pizza ovens like Ooni and Roccbox. Trust us, we’ve taste tested these a lot of time!!

Do you do gluten free dough?

Currently no. We are looking at developing a gluten-free dough. If you would be interested in trialling this with us contact us via Messenger on Facebook or Instagram

Can I really make the pizza in 15 minutes

100%. The actual cooking time is around 5 – 6 minutes. With the pressing and topping it will take around 15 minutes altogether.

Do you do bulk orders of pizza kits

Yes. We have offered a number of companies kits for their staff and have had great feedback from them. If you wish to place a bulk order please contact us. Ideally, we would need a 14 days lead time and we will also payment in advance.

Do you offer a discount to the NHS

Yes, if you have a Blue Light Card we offer a deal via their app. We are delighted to be able to offer a discount to the NHS and other essential service workers.

Are you adding a "create your own pizza kit"

Possibly, but we just don’t know when. It’s about adding the features to the website and we’re not that clever. 

I have a pizza oven can I cook the kit in this

Absolutely you can, it will taste perfect. Just make a note that the timings will be a lot faster in a pizza oven, like an Ooni,  as the temperature is a lot higher.

Do you offer a discount to Armed Forces

Yes, we do. You can find the discount on your Defence Discount card website or app. You do a great job protecting us, we want to repay you with a deal that means you get to eat delicious pizza.

Do I need a frying pan?

No. Our kits cook directly on a baking sheet, pizza stone or steel or upturned baking tray.

I am missing an "A" pot & parchment paper

You receive 1 pot per 2 pizza bases. So if you order a meal for two, there are 4 bases in total so you will have received 2 “A” pots. 

Parchment paper can be reused several times. So we include 1 sheet for every 3 pizza bases.

Can I use a pizza stone or pizza steel

Yes, For a stone we recommend heating it in the oven for an hour before you’re baking and steel takes just 30 minutes to heat up. Both will give you an incredible crust.

My dough was tough and impossible to press out.

Think of dough as you would be thinking of yourself on a Spanish beach. It needs to rest and have the right temperature to relax. It is impossible for us to put an exact time on how long you should rest your dough for as we don’t know the temperature of your house. If it’s cool, it will take longer than if it’s warm. Use sight and touch – if the dough has doubled and shows signs of air bubbles in it, and when you gently press into it is soft like a marshmallow then your dough is ready to press out.