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Nduja Gorgonzola and Pear

nduja gorgonzola and pear Pizza

Serves 2.

Fruit on a pizza is polarising and we aren’t here to reopen the debate for, or against, pineapple on a pizza. But we do challenge those who may have preconceived ideas that ALL fruit on a pizza is wrong. Open your mind and try this recipe, we reckon you’ll be forgiven for forgetting that there even is fruit on this as you delve into another bite that delivers a really satisfying mouthfeel that has you craving the next bite.

Gorgonzola, Nduja are a perfect match for each other. If you choose not to eat pork we recommend subbing out the Nduja for our Nudeja both the meat and plant based variants will melt into the pizza delivering a burst of heat that compliments the saltiness of the Gorgonzola and the sweetness of the pear.

If heat isn’t your thing, drop the Nduja for Calabrian or Sicilian sausage meat.

A simple recipe that delivers a perfectly balanced pizza that will hit every taste bud.




Ensure you have prepared your Great Balls of Flour pizza dough ball so it is rested and has got up to temperature. This will make it really easy to press and stretch your dough ball into the pizza base. 

Fire up your pizza oven and leave it to heat up in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or, if using your kitchen oven, set it to its maximum setting (250ºC) waiting until your stone or steel has had sufficient time to get to temperature (around 15 minutes). Remove your Great Balls of Flour Pizza Tomato Sauce from your fridge and allow to warm for 45 minutes before building your pizza.  

Sprinkle your work surface with flour and semolina mix and roll your dough ball lightly covering it all over to ensure it doesn’t stick to the surface. Spread and stretch like in this video 

Sprinkle your pizza peel or parchment paper with a light dusting of flour and semolina mix to stop the dough ball sticking. Transfer to your pizza peel, or parchment paper if cooking in a conventional oven.  Remember to shuffle the pizza base a couple of times throughout the building process to ensure your base doesn’t stick to the peel/parchment paper.  


Cooking guide

This is one of the simplest pizzas to build. Start with pouring on the tomato sauce and spreading it around the base with the back of a spoon, leaving a gap around the edge of around 1 – 2cm to allow the crust to puff up during cooking. Break the Gorgonzola into small pieces and drop onto the pizza. Do the same with the N’Duja (or sausage meat if substituting). If using Nudeja take a teaspoon and scoop Nudeja onto the pizza. Launch the pizza into the oven. Depending on which method you are choosing to cook your pizza depends on how long your pear will take to cook; Pizza oven, 30 seconds. Kitchen oven/frying pan; 1 minute. You want the pear to soften a little but not so much that it shrivels up. Leave your pizza to rest for a couple of minutes before slicing and savouring!

Note: Cook as per the guide for your preferred pizza cooking method. Remember to rotate frequently if using an Ooni or similar style of oven or rotate after 3 minutes if using a home oven and cook for a further 3 minutes.

Check our how to video tutorials for help and guides on getting the best from cooking in your oven.

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