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GBOF pizza steel 03 min

Pizza Steel

Bake the tasty pizza with a perfect, crispy crust, in your own home oven.

Available in two sizes

Cooks faster and reheats quicker than a stone.
There are many benefits over a pizza stone.

Pizza steel
Pizza steel

Both sizes have a thickness of 5mm which is perfect for obtaining and maintaining, the optimum temperature for cooking on.
Large size has been designed to fit perfectly in your conventional oven on an oven shelf or use it in the Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven.

GBOF pizza steel in oven
GBOF pizza steel close up

Pizza steel vs stone

A Pizza steel will heat up much faster than a pizza stone, just 20 minutes after your conventional oven has reached maximum temperature and under 10 minutes in an Ooni or Robccbox oven. Pizza steel will retain its heat better during the bake, meaning you have less time to wait between bakes before putting another pizza in the oven. If you haven’t let a pizza stone reach its optimum temperature then you’re likely to experience They are also easier to maintain in terms of cooking, cleaning and are pretty much unbreakable, whilst a pizza stone is fragile and may break during heating or by being placed down incorrectly.

  •  Food grade stainless steel
  •  Faster to achiever optimum heat
  •  Reheats quicker than a stone after a cook
  •  Virtually unbreakable
  • More versatile than a stone, a steel is great for using as a “burger joint” hot griddle plate for cooking burgers, steaks, kebabs, sausages and so much more.
  • Use as a burger plate on your hob.
  • Magnetic – works on an induction hob
  • The pizza steel thickness is 5mm
  • Fabulous value

Our pizza steels are made with the highest quality food-grade stainless steel.

pizza steel 04
cook pizza like a pro