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Our original dough balls are proofed for 48 hours to allow them to develop their slightly nutty, roasted flavour with a little chew but an incredibly airy crust. The original dough balls are exceptionally versatile and produce perfect pizzas in all types of pizza ovens, including a kitchen oven, Ooni, wood-fired and many more. ,

You will be able to press and stretch each 250g Original pizza dough balls out into at least 30cm/12″ diameter, possibly larger if you’re good at pressing and stretching. If you’re new to pizza making we really do recommend watching some of our tutorials that will give you tips and show you how to get the best our of your pizza dough, including pressing and stretching your dough.

GBOF dough balls will bake amazing tasting pizza whether you’re cooking it in a home oven or pizza ovens like Ooni, Roccbox or a wood-fired stone oven.

The original pizza dough balls are preservative free, lactose free, sugar free and are suitable for vegans. 

Dough balls are sent out frozen and can be frozen upon receipt, or defrosted and kept chilled at <5ªc for up to 3 days They are packed in insulated bags with ice gel packs. However, depending upon the weather and outside temperature, they may arrive frozen, partially frozen, or defrosted. Whichever condition they’d drive they are good to be frozen again and to use

The dough balls can be kept chilled in a fridge for up to 3 days. We recommend keeping an eye on them and knocking them back if they are expanding too much.

Choose from either 8 or 12 balls and add on 500ml of our house blended tomato sauce made only with Italian tomatoes, add more sauce in toppings if you would like more.

Watch our helpful videos on our how to page to get the best from your dough

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12 Original Dough balls, 12 Sourdough balls, 6 Original Dough balls + 6 Sourdough balls

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