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Planning a date night? A family pizza night? Select a delivery date up to 4 weeks in advance and we will deliver your GBOF pizza kit on the day that works for you. Free delivery on all orders.

free standard weekday delivery on orders over £17. Saturday delivery £5.99

How it works


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Choose the meal kit based on what you like and how many people you’re going to feed. 


Free Delivery

Select your preferred delivery date. Friday’s are our most popular day. Book early to avoid disappointment.


Bake amazing

Watch our video guides, that will walk you through all the steps, with a bit of cheese thrown in for free!

Flour Power

It started with a flour. “00” flour to be precise. Then all we do is add water, a pinch of salt and a little yeast. Then we let the yeast slowly go to work for 48 hours ensuring you receive an incredibly tasty, soft ball of dough.  Then we pass the ball to you, and you will bake amazing tasting pizza. Probably faster than a delivery. Tastier than a takeaway and you know what’s gone into it. Now that is flour power.


We care hugely about the environment and spent hours analysing the best types of packaging to ensure your meal kit arrives fresh with as little an impact on the environment as possible. All of our packaging can be recycled in your home recycling collection. Some parts can be reused, like our ice packs which are great for packups, picnics or even soothing a sprained ankle.

A selection of our meal kits


"The best pizza I've ever tasted."

"Absolutely loved them, the best pizza we have had in a long time."

"Our meal kits are perfect for all the family to get involved in, no chopping just add the topping. Kids love it. "

free delivery

Whether your cooking for one, or cooking for many you will be able to find a pizza meal kit that will suit your needs. All our ingredients are as fresh as possible and your order will be delivered to you in temperature controlled packaging, ready for you to cook as soon as it arrives or save it a couple of days. Even better, our delivery packaging is all 100% recyclable, in your home recycling collection.