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Pizza England Recipe

Skinny pizza

Makes 1 individual pizza.

Skinny and pizza are not two words you would normally connect together. All those carbohydrates, all that fat. But, actually, it doesn’t have to be that way all of the time. For whatever reason, you may have chosen to reduce your calorie, or carb, intake it shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice every “sin” on the menu.

This pizza balances everything and, should you pare choose to pare it back to just a pizza marinara then it would come in at around 500 calories. Not bad for a 10″ pizza right?

Additionally, despite what you read in many diet books not all carbs need to bad. In our recipe below we use our Sourdough pizza dough ball. The natural yeasts coupled with our long, low temperature, fermentation ensures that all of the bad elements associated with carbs are reduced and for those who may suffer from IBS this also helps reduce the effects so often suffered after eating a thick and stodgy pizza. 

In reality, the key to this pizza is balance. We halved our dough ball but we also reduced the amount of fattier toppings but kept the vitamin rich tomato sauce as on a normal pizza. Finish this off with a simple rocket salad if you want to add some greens. 

Ingredients – The base layer



The best time to divide your 250g pizza dough ball in two is when it is just thawed and has not begun to rest and rise again. Then leave it for sufficient time to get to room temperature and fully relax.  This will make it really easy to press and stretch your dough ball into the pizza base. Press your pizza out to form a 10″ base, once you have begun your initial stretch you may find it easier to use a small rolling pin to roll it out.

Fire up your pizza oven, indoor pizza oven, or kitchen oven to it’s maximum setting (250ºC), waiting until your stone or steel has had sufficient time to get to temperature. Remove your Great Balls of Flour Pizza Tomato Sauce from your fridge and allow to warm for 45 minutes before building your pizza.  

Sprinkle your work surface with flour and semolina mix and roll your dough ball lightly covering it all over to ensure it doesn’t stick to the surface. Spread and stretch like in this video. 

Sprinkle your pizza peel or parchment paper with flour and semolina mix. Transfer to your pizza peel, or parchment paper if cooking in a home oven.  Remember to shuffle the pizza base a couple of times throughout the building process to ensure your base doesn’t stick to the peel/parchment paper.   

Cooking guide

Spoon on the tomato sauce ensuring the whole base is covered, except for a small rim around the edge. At this point you should add whatever vegetables you would like to add, we simply chose red onion for a bit of sweetness to cut through the acidity of the tomato sauce and for a little additional crunch. You could add mushrooms, artichoke hearts, peppers, oven roasted courgettes, the possibilities are almost endless – just ensure you do not overload the toppings as this can make your base soggy. Sprinkle your cheese, giving a wide coverage as possible. Finally add any final toppings that you are looking to crust up in the oven, anchovies or tuna will keep it healthier, but just reducing the amount of “typical” pizza toppings will reduce calories. We used one slice of our Prosciutto (less than 30 calories) on one pizza and 20g of Nduja (around 100 calories) for our two pizza’s pictured here. Slide your pizza base onto the peel or paper, before you build it, lightly sprinkle with flour and semolina. Give it a shuffle to ensure it’s not stuck when you come to launch it. 

Cook as per the guide for your preferred pizza cooking method. Remember to rotate frequently if using an Ooni or similar style of oven or rotate after 3 minutes if using a home oven, which is show in the image above. Check our how to video tutorials for help and guides on getting the best from cooking in your oven.

Tried this pizza? We would love to hear from you, post some photos and a little review on our social sites. Tag us in any social posts using @greatballsofflour and #greatballsofflour


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