Cook great Sourdough
pizza at home

Bake pizza like the professionals

Free week day delivery on orders over £17.

Pizza making made simple

Select your SOURdough PIZZA balls

Feeding a family, or entertaining for a party you can select from just 8 pizza dough balls to get you started.Remembering you can always freeze any save some for another day. Add some great toppings from our deli range.


Choose a delivery day that suits you. Select a specific day that you want to receive your order or just complete your order and we’ll deliver it on our next delivery day. Saturday delivery available for an additional £5.99.


Whether you are cooking in a professional kitchen oven, a residential kitchen oven, an outdoor pizza oven such as an Ooni or Rooccbox or even a traditional wood fired pizza oven our dough is going to make great pizza.

What a customers say

Ordered a 12 pack of Dough with added extras to create some great pizzas using our roccobox with family this weekend .. second time we have used great balls of flour and will continue to do so.

Order is packed well , delivery just when you need it , and tastes amazing



​Stacey / 1 Aug 2021


Great dough and easy to follow videos.


​Jayesh / 17 Jul 21


We ordered the GBOF pizza dough along with the tomato sauce and mozzarella. The pizza 🍕 was one of the nicest pizzas we have ever tasted. We will definitely be ordering again and we would highly recommend!


​Laura / 12 Jul 21


Found Great Balls of Flour on BlueLight and am made up I did, easy to order and delivered quickly. First ever home made pizzas made and they tasted amazing !!!💯% recommended



​Olly / 9 Jul 21


It’s all about the wild yeast

Our sourdough starter was born in 2017 and has been lovingly fed ever since. In return, it (we actually call it Bubbles!) has returned the favour by giving us delicious tasting wild yeast pizza bases ever since. Our sourdough starter is added to the finest flour and ice-cold water before then spending a full 48 hours to allow the natural yeasts to gorge on the flour. The result is a deliciously flavoursome pizza dough ball that has the right amount of chew and stretch, making it easy to press out and better for your digestion.

Great Taste. Crisp Base.
Airy Crust. Every Time.