Witt Etna Rotante 16" Pizza Oven – Great Balls of Flour
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No more hangry waiting for the pizza oven to get ready! The ETNA waits for you to get them pizzas done… So get to it, will ya?


The ETNA Rotante Pizza Oven preheats to 500 °C (950 °F) in only 15 minutes due to the Booster Burner below the rotating pizza stone.


The U-shaped burner delivers a perfectly even heat distribution and a much quicker bake keeping your prepping skills on edge.

Unique Boost Burner

Keeping the stone at 500ºC used to be tough. Not anymore with the Witt Rotante's unique under burner.


Everything you need to know to select your oven.

The pizza stone in the ETNA pizza ovens from Witt Pizza will warm up superfast – within 15 minutes – and conduct heat at 500 °C (950 °F)!¹ The extra booster burner ensures even heat distribution throughout the entire pizza stone when it turns. Placing the pizza on the stone to cook will therefor create perfectly crisp crust without overcooking the topping – the latter being the saddening result if the pizza stone is not hot enough.

Witt ETNA pizza ovens heat the pizza stone up to 500 °C (950 °F) in just 15 minutes.¹
Sliding a pizza into a traditional pizza oven results in the pizza stone temperature dropping significantly. This means that the pizza oven must reheat the pizza stone once again. Witt ETNA Rotante is equipped with a booster burner that continuous heats the rotating pizza stone from the bottom and keeps it ready for use.

The black chips are a carbon deposit built up from cooking, please brush off these from the stone using your Witt ETNA Pizza Oven brush and wipe down with a cloth from the interior housing of the oven. (Please refer to page 16 of your owner’s manual for further cleaning and maintenance of your Witt ETNA Pizza Oven).

This is common and is from the burning of LP Gas. Please use a cloth to wipe away this white powder residue prior to using or after the pizza oven has cooled down. (Please refer to page 16 of your owner’s manual for further cleaning and maintenance of your Witt ETNA Pizza Oven).
The white powder is a result of the high temperatures, in the same way as pyrolysis in a regular.

Once you have cooked that great pizza, just before you eat, and if you are continuing to cook more pizzas, please turn the Witt ETNA Pizza Oven main burner down to a low setting. If you have finished cooking in your oven, please turn both the main and boost burner off. Running the oven for over 30 minutes period with the main and booster burner on high setting could result in damaging your Witt ETNA Pizza Oven.

F-gas, LPG, Bottled gas, liquefied gas, propane gas - different names, same product. LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas, which covers a collective term for the hydrocarbons propane and butane. It's standard bottled gas used for both cooking and barbequing in general.
You can get LPG bottled gas at gas stations, hardware stores, campsites, etc.

It is highly recommended prior to cooking in your Witt ETNA Pizza Oven for the first time that you conduct a burn off. Turn the main burner on high for 30 minutes. Then please turn off the main burner and let the oven cool down naturally. Once the oven has cooled, please use a paper towel to wipe the inside of the oven to remove any soot from the burn off. Be careful; the pizza oven may still be hot in some places.

No. The brush can melt and as a result damage the pizza stone. We recommend only to use the brush in the oven once it has cooled completely.

This is a normal process and is due to the enamel coating going through heat cycles.

The cooldown time varies due to the ambient temperatures. The ETNA Pizza Ovens is one of the most temperature-consistent pizza ovens on the market with effective insulation, taking approximately one and a half hour to cool down completely.

Never touch the surface or store the oven before it has cooled down!